Diesem wurden bereits Menschenrechtsverletzungen und Kriegsverbrechen vorgeworfen!
Ukrainischer Botschafter unterstützt ultrarechtes Asow-Regiment!
Wer ist eigentlich der regelmäßig und in einem zunehmend unverschämten Tonfall fordernde ukrainische Botschafter Andrij Melnyk? Er ist einer der Unterstützer des ultrarechten Asow-Regiments.
English: Andriy Biletsky, commander of the Azov Battalion, leads units of the battalion on a patrol near Mariupol, Ukraine, on 5 July 2014.
Svenska: Azovbataljonens chef Andriy Biletsky leder enheter ur bataljonen på en patrull i närheten av Mariupol i östra Ukraina den 5 juli 2014.
Andriy Biletsky leads patrol near Mariupol.jpg (5 July 2014, 15:37:50) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
Ukrainischer Botschafter unterstützt ultrarechtes Asow-Regiment!
Seit Beginn von Putins Krieg in der Ukraine steht neben dem ukrainischen Präsidenten Wolodymyr Selenskyj eine weitere öffentliche Person der Ukraine im medialen Rampenlicht: Der Botschafter in Deutschland, Andrij Melnyk. Er ist im Ukraine-Konflikt ständiger Gesprächspartner in Nachrichtensendungen oder Talkshows und füllt Gazetten und Soziale Medien anhaltend mit seinen Forderungen an die deutsche Politik und Beleidigungen gegenüber offiziellen Vertretern unseres Landes. Melnyk, der 2014 Botschafter wurde und davor als Generalkonsul der Ukraine in Hamburg tätig war, ist politisch nicht unumstritten. So erregte er bereits 2015 den Unmut des Deutschen Bundestags, als er seinen Besuch am Grab des Partisanenführers und NS-Kollaborateurs Stepan Bandera in München auf Twitter publik machte. Bandera, den Melnyk lobend als „unseren Helden“ bezeichnete, war Politiker der ukrainischen Nationalisten OUN, arbeitete im Zweiten Weltkrieg mit der Wehrmacht zusammen und gilt überwiegend als Kriegsverbrecher, da teilweise auch unter Leitung Banderas Verbrechen begangenen wurden an polnischen, jüdischen und ukrainischen Zivilisten und Amtsträgern. Als wäre derlei Anbiederung an Verursacher grausamer Taten nicht genug, hat es sich der Botschafter nun In den vergangenen Tagen zur Aufgabe gemacht, ganz öffentlich auf Twitter für das ultranationalistische „Regiment Asow“ in die Bresche zu springen. „Leute, liebe @tagesschau, lassen Sie doch endlich das Asow-Regiment in Ruhe. Bitte. Wie lange wollen Sie dieses russische Fake-Narrativ – jetzt mitten im russischen Vernichtungskrieg gegen Zivilisten, gegen Frauen und Kinder in Mariupol – bedienen?“, schrieb er etwa Ende März. Anlass war ein Bericht der Tagesschau, die über die rechtsextreme Unterstützung der Truppe innerhalb Deutschlands berichtete. Das Regiment Asow ist ein paramilitärisches Freiwilligenbataillon und steht seit seinem Bestehen im Mai 2014 international in der Kritik. Gegründet wurde es, um gegen prorussische Separatisten im Osten der Ukraine zu kämpfen, doch gilt das Regiment als extrem nationalistisch. Einige Führungspersonen vertreten offen rechtsextreme Positionen, wie etwa der bereits als Vorkämpfer aufgetretene Andrij Bilezkyj, den politische Beobachter als Neonazi einordnen. Dem Regiment Asow wurden in der Vergangenheit bereits vermehrt Menschenrechtsverletzungen und Kriegsverbrechen vorgeworfen. In Deutschland ist die extrem rechte Kleinstpartei „Der III. Weg“ schon länger als Unterstützer des Regiment Asow bekannt. Asow selbst wurde offenbar in der Szene als „bewaffneter Arm der nationalen Bewegung“ in der Ukraine bezeichnet, der sich in einem „heldenhaften Kampf um die Freiheit ihres Landes“ befinde. Auch Botschafter Melnyk bejubelte das Regiment mit den Worten: Mariupol würde „mutig verteidigt. Und zwar vom Asow-Regiment“. Vielleicht sollte der „ehrenwerte“ Herr Botschafter zunächst mal vor der eigenen Türe kehren, anstatt die Verfehlungen stets bei Anderen zu suchen!

Unbreakable people of the bravest country! Do you remember how Russia bragged that they would seize Kyiv in 48 hours? Instead, Ukraine has been repelling the enemy for 48 days. Today it is worth remembering. It is worth remembering that the Russian leadership expected to see the parade of occupiers on Khreschatyk a few days after February 24, after the beginning of the invasion. Instead they see orderly ranks of occupiers every day, whom our defenders send to hell.

In 48 hours, which stretched for 48 days, the Russian army has reached a level of irreparable losses higher than that of the Soviet Union in 10 years of war in Afghanistan. Higher than that of Russia in the two wars in Chechnya. The general list of "two hundred" for Russia will soon reach 20,000. Literally in a few days, if not tonight. And then what? 30 thousand killed? 40 thousand?

Today in Russia it was once again stated that their so-called "special operation" is supposedly going according to the plan. But, to be honest, no one in the world understands how such a plan could even emerge. How could a plan providing for the death of tens of thousands of your own soldiers in a little more than a month of war emerge? Who could approve such a plan? And what is the final level of their own losses acceptable for this person?

Dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dead Russians?

Obviously, no one in Moscow cares about the number of Ukrainian civilians killed.

They say they do everything for the sake of the people, for the sake of Donbas… But even during World War II, Donbas did not see such cruelty in such a short time. And from whom? From Russian troops. In Donbas, the story of the siege of Leningrad was repeated. What for? What would the people who died or almost died in Leningrad during the Nazi blockade say about this? What would they say about the blockade of Mariupol? It was also stated in Russia today that the massacre committed by the Russian military in Bucha was allegedly a "staging". For some reason, the massacres in Borodyanka, Hostomel, Makariv, cities and villages of the Chernihiv region, Kharkiv region and Donbas have not been commented on yet. There are not as many "specialists in staging" in the world as there are murderers in the Russian army.

Responsibility for war crimes is inevitable.

As an example, I can mention today’s result of the Security Service of Ukraine. It is very symbolic that Mr. Medvedchuk was detained on Cosmonautics Day.

He has been hiding for 48 days. And finally decided to try to escape from our country. Well, for this "astronaut" – in the bad sense of the word – the famous "Let’s go!" did not work. I think it is especially cynical of him to use military camouflage. He tried to disguise himself like that. Such a "soldier". Such a "patriot". Well, if Medvedchuk chose a military uniform for himself, he falls under the rules of wartime.

I offer the Russian Federation to exchange this guy of yours for our boys and our girls who are now in Russian captivity. It is therefore important that our law enforcement officials and military also consider this possibility. There are more and more testimonies and other official data of the investigation about the horrible crimes of the occupiers in the areas where they managed, unfortunately, to come. About the inhuman cruelty of the Russian military towards women and children. About numerous rapes. Not all serial rapists reached the level of brutality of Russian soldiers.

Of course, we will establish the full truth about all these savages. No matter how much time and effort it takes, we will find them all. And let Medvedchuk be an example for you. Even the former oligarch did not escape, not to mention much more ordinary criminals from the Russian boondocks. We will get everyone. We take with great attention yesterday’s reports on the use of a projectile with a poisonous substance in Mariupol against the defenders of the city. It is not yet possible to draw one hundred percent conclusions about what kind of substance it was. Obviously it is impossible to conduct a full investigation and full analysis in the besieged city. However, given the repeated threats of Russian propagandists to use chemical weapons against the defenders of Mariupol and the repeated use by the Russian army of phosphorus munitions in Ukraine for example, the world must respond now. Respond preventively. Because after the use of weapons of mass destruction, any response will not change anything. And it will only look like a humiliation for the democratic world. Today, in my address to the parliament and the people of Lithuania, and at the same time to all European nations, I stressed that the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia must include oil. Stop multiplying insufficiently strong sanctions packages. In any case, you will have to acknowledge that only Europe’s abandonment of Russia’s energy resources and the complete restriction of Russia’s banking system can be an argument for Russia’s leadership to seek peace. Without this, Moscow is looking for a military solution. I also spoke today with Chancellor of Austria Nehammer who had met with the Russian leader the day before. We exchanged details about this meeting. Many people like to mock the occupiers, troll their failures, the level of training of their soldiers and the questionable quality of the "latest" Russian equipment, which has been developed over the past 20 years and is inferior to Soviet models. And rightly so. That’s fair.

But at the same time, we must understand that not all Russian tanks are stalled in the field. Not all enemy soldiers simply flee the battlefield. And not all of them are conscripts who do not know how to hold weapons properly. This does not mean we should be afraid of them.

This means we must not belittle the merits of our soldiers, our army. And I want to thank them again, all our defenders. I don’t get tired of doing it. And I want you and I not to tire of telling them the most important thing: we believe in you. We are proud of you. We admire you. We are also proud of all our people who take to the streets despite the occupation. Who are protesting. Who are expelling the occupiers as best they can. We are proud of all our people! That is why it should always be emphasized that if our cities and villages are occupied, it is only temporary. And they will definitely be liberated. They will be liberated by our heroes. And not only by force of arms, but also by force of morale. Morale demonstrated almost daily by Ukrainian men and women in the cities and villages of the south of our country. In the areas that Russian troops have temporarily occupied and which our army has not yet liberated. No matter what, you need to resist the occupiers. It’s hard, I know. You have to fight. Protest. Defend our national statehood. And it is necessary to punish collaborators. Let them make "KhNR" somewhere in Khakassia, not in our native Ukrainian Kherson. The future of Ukraine directly depends on the strength of our resistance in all its forms.

The future of us all, each of our cities, each of our villages. And I am grateful to everyone who understands this. Who does not stop resisting even when it seems that the result is very far. Because the darkest time is always before dawn. And today I want to separately address those heroes who are having a very hard time. Those who defend Mariupol. Marine battalion of the 36th marine brigade, Azov special operations detachment, 12th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. Subdivisions of the State Border Guard Service. Volunteers of the "Right Sector". 555th military hospital and National Police employees. All the military who are fighting in the JFO area, who are defending Kharkiv, the Kharkiv region, all the military groups defending the Zaporizhzhia region, defending the south. Special thanks to the 92nd, 93rd, 95th brigades. Personally to General Serhii Naiev (Q50615569). I am infinitely grateful to everyone! On behalf of all Ukrainians.

A few minutes ago I signed three decrees. 419 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were awarded state awards. 72 of them posthumously.

Also, 30 servicemen of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine were awarded state awards.

The title of Hero of Ukraine was awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Dmytro Vasyliiev (Q111594352), commander of the missile division of the 19th missile brigade. Posthumously.

Eternal glory to all our heroes!

Eternal memory to everyone who died for Ukraine!

Inevitable punishment to all our enemies.

Glory to Ukraine! – The future of Ukraine directly depends on the strength of our resistance in all its forms – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. (52000838593).jpg (12 April 2022, 22:43) von President Of Ukraine from Україна, CC-Zero.
English: Soldiers from the Azov Battalion observe the terrain outside a village near Mariupol on 5 July 2014.
Svenska: Soldater från Azovbataljonen observerar terrängen i utkanten av en by i närheten av Mariupol under en patrull den 5 juli 2014.
Soldiers from the Azov Battalion secure area.jpg (5 July 2014, 17:45:26) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: Soldiers from the Azov Battalion take up positions near an infantry fighting vehicle from the National Guard of Ukraine.
Svenska: Soldater från Azovbataljonen går i ställning bredvid ett pansarskyttefordon från det ukrainska nationalgardet.
Soldiers from the Azov Battalion move into position.jpg (5 July 2014, 17:44:39) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
Fund-Raising for the Victory of Ukraine – Azov Battalion Exhibit – Kharkiv (Kharkov) – Ukraine – Fund-Raising for the Victory of Ukraine – Azov Battalion Exhibit – Kharkiv (Kharkov) – Ukraine (43058545345).jpg (10 August 2018, 12:44) von Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC-BY-SA-2.0.
English: Swedish volunteer Mikael Skillt talking to other soldiers of the Azov Battalion while on a mission outside Mariupol.
Svenska: Mikael Skillt, svensk frivillig i Azovbataljonen, i samspråk med andra soldater i bataljonen under ett uppdrag vid Mariupol.
Mikael Skillt.jpg (5 July 2014, 13:24:35) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: A soldier of the Azov Battalion mans a heavy machine gun on a patrol near Mariupol.
Svenska: Soldat från Azovbataljonen med tung kulspruta på patrull utanför Mariupol.
Soldier with heavy machine gun.jpg (5 July 2014, 18:13:58) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: A man in a village near Mariupol, Ukraine, is made to kneel on the ground while soldiers from the Azov Battalion search his house.
Svenska: En man bosatt i en by utanför Mariupol i östra Ukraina tvingas stå på knä medan soldater från Azovbataljonen söker igenom hans hus.
Donbass villager kneels on ground.jpg (5 July 2014, 18:28:09) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: Soldiers of the Azov Battalion round up villagers suspected of separatism for interrogation during a patrol near Mariupol on 5 July 2014.
Svenska: Soldater ur Azovbataljonen tar in misstänkta separatister för förhör under en patrull i närheten av Mariupol den 5 juli 2014.
Donbass villagers rounded up for interrogation.jpg (5 July 2014, 18:15:29) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: Andriy Biletsky, commander of the Azov Battalion, gives an interview to a Ukrainian TV journalist during the night between 5 and 6 July 2014.
Svenska: Azovbataljonens chef Andriy Biletsky intervjuas av ukrainsk tv natten mellan den 5 och 6 juli 2014.
Andriy Biletsky interviewed by Ukrainian TV journalist.jpg (6 July 2014, 00:38:58) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: Mikael Skillt, Swedish volunteer in the Azov Battalion, in front of the former separatist headquarters in Mariupol.
Svenska: Mikael Skillt, svensk frivillig i Azovbataljonen, framför en byggnad som tidigare var bas för separatister i Mariupol.
Mikael Skillt in Mariupol.jpg (2 July 2014, 16:00:59) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
English: Mikael Skillt (left) and „Mikola“ (right), Swedish volunteers in the Azov Battalion.
Svenska: Mikael Skillt (vänster) och „Mikola“ (höger), svenska frivilliga i Azovbataljonen.
Deutsch: Mikael Skillat (links) und „Mikola“ (rechts), schwedische Freiwillige im Azov-Bataillon.
Mikael Skillt and „Mikola“.jpg (5 July 2014, 13:44:02) von Carl Ridderstråle, CC-BY-SA-4.0.
Українська: Ярослав Гончар, колишній заступник командира батальйону «Азов», 29 травня 2014.
Русский: Ярослав Гончар, бывший заместитель командира батальона «АЗОВ», 29 мая 2014.
English: The briefing of Yaroslav Honchar, «Azov» battalion former deputy commander. Honchar made criticizing statements about looting and debauchery in «Azov», May 29, 2014.
Ярослав Гончар, заступник командира батальйону «АЗОВ».jpg (29 May 2014) von NEWS UTR, CC-BY-3.0.
Azov Battalion Commander Major Denys Prokopenko during his speech to the world community. – Major Denys Prokopenko.png (18 March 2022) von Exiik, PD other reasons.

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Ukrainischer Botschafter unterstützt ultrarechtes Asow-Regiment!

Ukrainischer Botschafter unterstützt ultrarechtes Asow-Regiment!
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22. Mai 2022 7:51

Also doch….Putin sagte das ja dass es waschechte Nazis gibt. Das Emblem mit dem Wolfsengel…umgedrehtes SS Symbol und die Schwarze Sonne….alles Nazi Symbole….warum liest man darüber nicht in der Natopresse?

20. Mai 2022 19:16

Sehr unsympathisch dieser Botschafter

20. Mai 2022 19:13

Schlimm, dass es der Wahrheit entspricht!

19. Mai 2022 19:06

auch wenn angeblich, was ich nicht bisher bestätigt gefunden habe diese militanten Einheiten auf die schwarze Sonne im Emblem verzichten und auch wenn dieses Zeichen der SS etwas anders aussieht, wenn man sich Bilder auf WIKIMEDIA anschaut vor paar Jahren sind hier Hakenkreuze im Hintergrund zu erkennen – alles eindeutige Beweise für deren politische Ansichten, da schreibt die Frankfurter Rundschau völlig richtig!